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This was somewhat unprecedented to have an initiative changed right after it was approved by voters, and to have it unanimously supported by the legislature. There was an emergency clause that was included in the bill allowing it to take effect immediately after the legislative process. Melissa Chin sent out a good email summarizing the change to 940.
I have also attached a PDF that compares I-940 to the fix it bills if you would like to review that.  
The main improvements are:
1) Officers evaluated by reasonable officer standard (Graham v. Connor) and not the objective and subject tests for use of deadly force,
2) removed the need to render first aid as a paramount duty and made it so we render first aid at the earliest safe opportunity,
3) added that the state will reimburse officer’s defense cost if found not guilty, and
4) cleaned up the training requirement and language referencing using force when unavoidable.
Now WACOPS will be working on the rule making for the fix and working with CJTC regarding training.   
Jim Keene, Captain Nault, and I met with all six of Bellevue’s legislators during WACOPS’ day on the hill. We primarily discussed the I-940 fix and LEOFF 2. Part of our LEOFF 2 discussion, we educated our legislators on the Benefit Enhancement account. This account was set up so that when the state’s revenues grew by a certain amount, it would trigger a payment into the enhancement account. The account is designed to set money aside to make improvements to our pension. The state currently owes the Benefit Enhancement account $25 million.
There was another trigger last year so the state will owe an additional $25 million in 2019. WACOPS is working with other LEOFF 2 stakeholders to determine the best strategy for trying to get the account funded. When we met with our legislators, we encouraged them to fund the state’s obligation with the enhancement account.
A discussion about having access to health care plans in retirement came up during our WACOPS meeting. Some agencies have access to healthcare providers that also have plans for retirees. One was the Public Employees Benefit (PEB) and LEOFF (not to be confused with our pension). Apparently, if you are apart of these plans before retirement, you will have access to them when you retire. The guild would have to negotiate to have access to any new healthcare plans. 
Please let me know if you would like additional details or if you have questions. 
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