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How Vehicle #472 came home

Vehicle #472 is a 1988 Plymouth Gran Fury that served the citizens of Bellevue as a patrol car from August 1,1988 until November 19, 1991 when it was sold as surplus to the State of Washington. The state sold the car to another police agency that used it as a K-9 car. After its period of official service, it was driven by numerous private citizens in Thurston and Pierce County as a daily commuter vehicle. In early 2011, Bellevue PD was notified by Mercer Island PD that a vintage BPD cruiser was somewhere in the Tillicum Village / Lakewood area. The vehicle was recognizable as a Bellevue patrol car because no other agency used the black and white paint scheme in the 1980's and Bellevue was unique in where it positioned the spot light on the roof. All other agencies positioned the spot lights on the front A-pillar.

Before the vehicle could be located, Bellevue PD was notified by Tacoma PD that the black and white patrol car was purchased for scrap by an auto wrecking yard in Auburn. Four officers (T. Chinn, Chiu, Hodges and Neese) pooled their money and saved the vehicle from the scrap heap and brought it back home to the city of Bellevue on April 1st, 2011.
Restoring a classic

Bellevue police had a long history of running Dodge and Plymouth products from the 60's through the 80's. The Plymouth Fury I and II, Dodge Coronets, Polara and Aspen, and the Plymouth Gran Fury and the twin Dodge Diplomat were the patrol cars of choice due to their speed and power. These cars spanned a great period in the department's history. The Plymouth Gran Fury and Dodge Diplomat were used almost exclusively through the 1980's. Powered by a V-8 318ci, the Gran Fury and Diplomat were used by thousands of departments across the country. Restoring this classic would be an important element in preserving the agency's legacy.

Working with local businesses, retired City of Bellevue employees and police historians and auto enthusiasts, a restoration plan emerged. Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland agreed to restore the body and all mechanical systems as part of their automotive technology program. Jimmy’s Auto Upholstery of Bellevue agreed to rebuild and re-upholster the seats, headliners, door panels and floor coverings with original 1988 fabrics. Technical guidance is being provided by current and former employees from the police department, city radio shop and fleet maintenance.

Be a part of the team
 If you like this car and the history it represents, help support the restoration. Donate. The project is actively seeking funding to assist in the restoration. All donations will be applied to acquiring authentic & period specific parts and accessories to bring this vehicle back to original condition. Alternators need to be rebuilt, hoses and gaskets need to be replaced, paint and materials have to be purchased. If you are interested in helping, please contact Detective Michael Chiu at (425) 452-6912.

Upon completion, Vehicle #472 will be used in both static police displays at public events and participate in parades and auto shows
We would like to thank the following individuals and companies whose work and financial support made this project possible.
Craftsmanship, Labor, Expertise & Material Support  
Thom Bianco - Auto Collision Instructor
Dennis Depue - Auto Body Techincal Aide
Michael Richmond - Auto Mechanics Instructor

Carquest Auto Parts
Brian Rasmusson - Regional Manager
Jerry Jamison - Manager, Bellevue
Jimmy's Auto Upholstery & Tops 
Todd Brown
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SMS Auto Fabrics
Doug Pollock
Tuscan Sign & Design
Brian Grant
Deputy Chief Tim Johnson (Bellevue PD retired)

Officer Jim Ritter (SPD, Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum)

Detective Eric Timothy (Tacoma PD)

Detective Pete Erickson (Mercer Island PD)

Tim Haun (Port Orchard)

Snohomish Co. Fleet Maintenance

City of Bellevue - Fleet Maintenance
Pete Bednar
Todd Shepler
Sean Pownall
City of Bellevue – Radio Shop 
Mike Cox
Paul LaFrance
Fred Timmons
Financial Support
Corporal Thurman Chinn (Bellevue PD)

Detective Michael Chiu (Bellevue PD)

Officer Justin Hodges (Bellevue PD)

Officer Greg Neese (Bellevue PD)
Bellevue Police Officers Guild
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